Cedar is a wise, powerful & ancient spirit; it clears unwanted energies, influences & spirits. The aroma of Cedar fills the spirit with a sensation of stability & safety. It is used as a form of powerful protection as it is said to attract the good spirits & clear unwanted spirits & energies. Cedar connects people to the universal energies of the earth. Cedar needles are capable of decontaminating the air. 

Rose has always been used & considered in the magical world as a flower capable of attracting good luck, love, and health. Of all the plants & all the trees: of all the tangible things on earth that are alive, Rose has the highest frequency. Rose is sacred. She is the closest thing to love in tangible form. 


If you choose to burn these bundles they may need to be hung up to dry before use–  the drier they are the better the burn.  

It is best to perform smudging at a time when you will not be disturbed & to create a sense of ceremony when you smudge your space. Make sure you open windows during this smudging & open any cupboard doors, hot press, drawers etc… As they are places energy can get trapped. Have a heat proof bowl or abalone shell nearby so you can hold it under the bundle as you go round smudging to catch any glowing herbs that may fall. Light the tip of your bundle & then gently wave it in the air until the tip begins to smoke. Use your hand or a feather to gently waft the smoke where you want it. 

Start at your front door & move in a clockwise direction around your house. Paying attention to corners, behind furniture & under beds, you can recite a smudging prayer that resonates with you. 

To cleanse objects such as crystals, jewellery and pretty much anything you like. Again light the bundle & wave it until the fire is out and the bundle is smoking then hold your object over the so it can be cleansed by it as you recite your cleansing prayer. Remember as with all magic and spiritual practice your intention is everything.  

Don’t forget to smudge yourself and others 


* Always use caution and respect when working with fire. 

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Wrapped with love and magic these bundles will bring protection & love into your space removing any unwanted energies. You can use these herbal and flower bundles in a variety of ways:

  • as a smoking bundle to cleanse yourself and your home
  • add the bundle to your magic ritual bath to invoke the magical properties of each ingredient
    • add to a large pot of bubbling water on your stove to create a Magical Simmer Pot filling your home with these beautiful, magical and uplifting aromas (fresh and toxin free)
  • add to water & simmer to release aromas and magical properties. Let it cool and use as a magical floor wash to cleanse & bring magic to your home
  • Place on your altar as an offering
  • Hang over your door or in a room as a natural air freshener to bring peace and calm
  • Hang over a shower head the steam will release the fragrance into the air

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