Here are some ways in which we can bring Selenite into our everyday lives: 

  • Help improve your sleep  
  • Cleanses you of lower vibration energies and energies that do not belong to you or energies that are yours but no longer serve you
    • Improve your meditation practice. Selenite helps strengthen your meditation practice by helping to open the crown chakra which connects us to our highest, most positive and inspired selves. You will reach a new level of consciousness, tap into your own intuition and even improve your creativity. 
    • Selenite can activate your psychic abilities by opening up your crown chakra and third eye and can also be used as a seeing stone when gazed upon for a length of time. 
    • Cleanses, charges and amplifies the power of other crystalsSelenite can absorb the lower energies that may be held in other crystals and transmute them. 
    • You can also use it to cleanse other objects such as jewellery. Just place alongside or on top. 
    • Selenite can cleanse any environment you place it in 
    • Selenite can empower and quicken your manifestation work due to it encompassing the power and blessings of the Moon Goddess Selene. 



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Palm Stones are great for holding in your hand whilst meditating to strengthen your meditation practice. You can hold these stones in your hand to reduce stress, anxiety and to help you relax. They can also be laid on various parts of the body and you can really feel the Selenite absorbing any lower vibrations or energies you may be holding and replacing those with light. Place on your Crown Chakra or Third Eye Chakra to open your psychic abilities and intuition.

When lying down place it on your chest or stomach where it will rest without rolling off, to release anything that is no longer serving you. Place on your throat to open your Throat Chakra to help you communicate with the Angel Realm and Spirit. You can place them into a little pouch to protect them and keep them under your pillow as you sleep. It can help clear your mind and support your sleep cycle.  

These palm stones are beautifully carvedColour and patterns on the stone may vary slightly from the picture shown.  Size approx 70mm – 80mm. 




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