Magical Properties of Pine:  Healing, Purification, Fertility, Immortality, Protection, Wealth, Energy, Exorcism. 

Element – Air

Planet – Mars


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These drum beaters are designed with a theme in mind. Love, Prosperity, Magic and Strength are some examples. They are made with the crystals and herbs that correlate to each theme and the Ogham Symbol for each theme is burnt into the handle. Pure Magic in the palm of your hand  

These drum beaters have a harder head for a more direct strike. The heads (the female part of the beater) are crafted with Cotton filling and there is a selection of materials to choose from: chamois leather, felt and I have a limited supply of very good quality beautiful green wool. The handles (the male part of the beater) are Pine. 


Additional information

Drum beater

Draiocht – Magic, Grá – Love, Rath Dé Ort – Prosperity, Neart – Strength